Duane J. Osheim

Professor Emeritus

Field & Specialties

Medieval and Renaissance Europe


B.A. Luther 1964
M.A. Nebraska, Lincoln 1967
Ph.D. California, Davis 1973


Publications, Awards, and Activities

"Plague Surveillance in Early Modern Venice," Mediterranean Historical Review 26 ( 2011).

'Politics and Public Health in Renaissance Venice,' Ritratti: La dimensione individuale nella storia (secoli xv-xx), festschrift for Anne Jacobson Schutte, edited by Silvana Seidel Menchi and Robert A. Pierce (Rome, 2009).

co-editor, Chronicling History: Choniclers and Historians in Medieval and Renaissance Italy. Penn State, 2008.

"Chonicles and Civic Live in Giovanni Sercambi's Lucca. In Chonicling History. Penn State, 2008

co-editor, Beyond Florence: The Contours of Medieval and Renaissance Italy. Stanford, 2003.

"The Country Parish in Late Medieval Tuscany," in Beyond Florence. Stanford, 2003.

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"Sentimenti religiosi dei Lucchesi al tempo di Castruccio," Castruccio Castracane e il suo tempo (1987).

"Conversion, Conversi and the Christian Life in Late-Medieval Tuscany," Speculum (1983).

"Rural Population and the Tuscan Economy in the Late Middle Ages," Viator (1976).

Fulbright Fellowship, 1987.

Visiting Fellow, Clare Hall, Cambridge, 1986-87.

American Council of Learned Societies Grant, 1980-81.

Rome Prize Fellowship in Post-Classical Humanistic Studies, American Academy in Rome, 1974-76.

Prize of the Society for Italian Historical Studies for the best unpublished manuscript by a young scholar for 1974.

Current Research

My research is concentrated on the social and institutional history of Europe in the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance. I am presently studying the response to epidemic disease in Renaissance Europe and the rural institutions of late Medieval Italy.