Administrative Staff

Scott Roberts

Business Manager


  • Management of department staff.
  • Oversee administrative operations for Finance, HR, Student Services, IT, and Facilities.
  • Create annual budgets/revised budgets.
  • Monitor budgets/cash-flow of all departmental accounts.
  • Schedule Labor Distribution / Labor Adjustments.
  • Manage the Effort Reporting Process.
  • Collaborate with Department Chair.
  • Advise faculty and students on financial matters related to department funding.
  • Serve as direct report/liaison to A&S Dean’s Office.

Kathleen Miller

Office Manager
Administrative Coordinator
Graduate/Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Nau 323


  • Process Purchase Orders.
  • Manage Conference room scheduling.
  • Administratively support both the Undergraduate and Graduate Directors.
  • Oversee the distribution of department keys.
  • Serve as facilities contact/liaison.
  • Assemble/Process Promotion and Tenure Packets.
  • Arrange hotel reservations as needed.
  • Arrange catering for events as needed.
  • Provide administrative support to the Department Chair.
  • Provide academic program guidance and support to students.
  • Monitor/distribute/order office supplies.
  • Manage department copiers and printers.
  • Disseminate incoming mail.
  • Maintain and update the faculty bookcase and bulletin boards.
  • Supervision of department student worker(s).
  • Collaborate with Financial Coordinator regarding exceptions and milestones.
  • Manage tutorial credit tracking.

Kelly Robeson

Financial Coordinator
Graduate/Undergraduate Program Coordinator
(434) 924-6381
NAU 323


  • Manage P-Cards.
  • Process Reimbursements in Chrome River.
  • Track departmental travel funds for faculty.
  • Track and Enter Milestones into Student Information Systems, (SIS).
  • Monitor and reconcile faculty accounts.
  • Process honoraria and vendor pay.
  • Process GTA assignments and hiring duties.
  • Input student funding in SAFM.
  • Perform course scheduling duties.
  • Enter course exceptions into Student Information Systems, (SIS).
  • Instruct students and faculty on timekeeping process/policies.
  • Submit manual timesheets to HR.
  • Provide Dashboard/funding guidance and support to students.
  • Run enrollment reports each semester.
  • Run academic requirements report at the beginning and end of each semester. Follow up with students/professors regarding any exceptions needed based on report.
  • Collaborate with Administrative Coordinator regarding exceptions and milestones.

Courtney L.

Communications Coordinator


  • Maintain online department course catalog; (does not translate to Registrar’s catalog).
  • Manage department website
  • Manage department social media accounts.
  • Manage Sympa email lists and departmental electronic communication.
  • Manage the publication/dissemination of the Fall/Spring electronic department newsletter.
  • Update donor information online.
  • Create digital signage for faculty and students official needs.
  • Create marketing publications and graphics for official department events.
  • Conduct social media analytics and create social media marketing strategies; present said strategies to Business Administrator and Department Chair; Implement said strategies if approved, adjust if needed.
  • Update the AHA directory / The Chronicle of Education.
  • Conduct filming, editing, and uploading of lectures when requested/required.
  • Provide copywriting/editing services as needed.
  • Manage dissemination and receiving of faculty/student surveys for research projects.
  • Provide basic technical guidance to students and faculty.