Bradly W. Reed

Associate Professor Emeritus

(434) 924-6399

Field & Specialties

Late Impeial and Modern China
Late Imperial Law and Society
Local Government and Administrative Practice
Cultural Revolution Studies


B.A. University of Oregon 1980
M.A. University of Washington 1989
Ph.D. UCLA 1994


“Illicit Bureaucrats.” Research from Archival Case Records: Law, Society and Culture in China. Brill 2004

"Courts and Judicial Agencies, Chinese Local Courts," Cambridge Encyclopedia of Legal History. 2005

Talons and Teeth, County Clerks and Runners in the Qing Dynasty, Stanford University Press, 2000

"Gentry Activism in Nineteenth-Century Sichuan: The Three Fees Bureau," Late Imperial China, 20:2 (December 1999): 99-127

"Shincho koki shisen ni okeru shu zei, saizei, sozei dain ," (informal administrative financing and tax collection in 19th-century Sichuan, a report from Ba County), Chu goku Shakai to Bunka (Chinese society and culture), Association for Studies of Chinese Society and Culture, University of Tokyo, no. 13 1998 "Money and Justice: Clerks, Runners, and the Magistrate's Court in Late Imperial Sichuan," Modern China 21:3 (July) .1995

Current Research

I am currently researching the influence of bureaucratic administration  on the judicial process, particularly in regard to homicide cases, during the Qing era. Beyond this project, I am planninng a  social history of the city of Chongqing, Sichuan Province from the 18th century to the present.. 

Awards & Honors

Committee on Scholarly Communications with China, National Academy of Sciences, Research Fellowship, 1991-93.

National Resource Fellowships, 1987, 1988.

Courses Taught

Late Imperial China

Modern China

Poltical and Social Thought in 20th century China

Intellectuals, Stuidents, and Political Dissent  in Modern China

Law and Society in China

Shanghai--The City in Modern China

The Cultural Revolution in China

Peasant Protest and Resistance 

Mao and the Chinese Revoluition

History and Historical Theory