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Listed below are some of the publications from Paul Kershaw , Associate Professor .

Peaceful Kings

Peace, Power and the Early Medieval Political Imagination
( Oxford, March 2010 )

This is the first full scholarly exploration of the relationship between the idea of peace and rulership through Europe's formative centuries, setting the shifting terms of that relationship in their full historical, political and cultural context. In the process it offers new insights to the reception of late antique thought and imagery in the earlier Middle Ages, the range and distinctiveness of early medieval political thought, and the intellectual vitality of the period AD 500 to 900.

The Early Medieval Inscriptions of Brittany / Les inscriptions de la Bretagne du Haut Moyen Âge

( Celtic Studies Publications, 2000 )

A groundbreaking work embodying the work of a team of researchers on a body of evidence of top relevance to Celtic studies, Early Christianity in Western Europe, and post-Roman western Europe. A unique piece of primary research, presenting records of a poorly understood, but pivotal period in the Celtic West, texts that are otherwise little known. The book's core is a full catalogue of inscriptions on stone in Brittany and the Channel Islands datable to c. CE 300 to 1200. Full bilingual English and French in parallel columns. Full discussions of language, letter forms, and historical implications of the stones and inscribed texts.

Numerous high-quality black and white photographs, drawings, and maps.

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