New Faculty

Nabaparna Ghosh | Lecturer of History: Modern South Asia
Harrison Guthorn
Rosemary Lee | Lecturer of History: Early Modern Europe; Mediterranean History; Global History
Christina Mobley


Full-Time Faculty

Balogh, BrianProfessor of History, Department of History, University of Virginia
Director and Chair, The Miller Center National Fellowship Program, Compton Professor
20th Century U.S. Political, American Political Development, Environmental History, History of Science and Technology
Barnett, RichardAssociate Professor
Medieval and Early Modern South Asia; Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh
Braun, HerbertAssociate Professor
Transfer Credit Advisor
Latin American
Confino, AlonProfessor
Modern Germany, Holocaust, and Europe; historical method and narrative; memory and cultural history; transnational history of forced migration in the modern world, with an emphasis on the 1940s and in particular on Palestine/Israel
On Leave: Spring 2016
Edelson, S. MaxAssociate Professor
Colonial British America, History of Cartography, Slavery and Plantation Societies, Digital Humanities
On Leave: Fall 2015
Gallagher, Gary W.John L. Nau III Professor in the History of the American Civil War
U.S. Civil War, Memory, American Military History to 1900
On Leave: Fall 2015
Geraci, Robert P.Associate Professor
Modern Russia and Russian Empire; history of nationality, ethnicity, and race; history of imperialism; history of commerce
Hale, GraceCommonwealth Chair of American Studies
Professor of History
20th century US cultural history, history of the US South, documentary studies, sound studies
On Leave: Fall 2015
Halliday, Paul D.Department Chair
Julian Bishko Professor of History & Professor of Law
Legal History; Britain and the Empire, 1500-1850
Harold, Claudrena N.Associate Professor
African-American History, African American Studies, U.S. Labor History
Hitchcock, WilliamProfessor of History
Modern Europe, War and Society, Cold War
Kahrl, Andrew W.Assistant Professor
African American; 20th Century US; Urban; Environmental
Kershaw, PaulAssociate Professor
Richard A. & Sara Page Mayo N.E.H. Distinguished Teaching Professor
Post-Roman Europe, 500 - 950
Klubock, ThomasProfessor
Director, Latin American Studies Program
Latin America, Chile, Working-Class History, History of Gender and Sexuality, Environmental History
Lambert, ErinAssistant Professor
early modern Europe, Reformation, visual and aural cultures
On Leave: Fall 2015
Leffler, Melvyn P.Edward Stettinius Professor of History
History of U.S. Foreign Relations
On Leave: Fall 2015
Lendon, J. E.Professor
Greek, Roman
Linstrum, ErikAssistant Professor
Modern Britain and British Empire; science and technology; European cultural and intellectual
Liu, XiaoyuanDavid Dean Professor of East Asian Studies & Professor of History
China’s ethnic-frontier affairs in international politics; Chinese-American relations in the 20th century; East Asian international history
Loeffler, JamesAssociate Professor
Jewish history; European history; international history; human rights history
Mason, John EdwinAssociate Professor
Southern Africa, Modern Africa, History of Photography
On Leave: Spring 2016
McMillen, Christian W.Associate Professor
Associate Chair
Native American; U.S. West
Megill, AllanProfessor
Modern Europe, Modern European History of Ideas, Historical Theory/Philosophy of History
Meyer, Elizabeth A.T. Cary Johnson, Jr. Professor
Greek and Roman History
Milov, SarahAssistant Professor
modern US; political and social movements; history of capitalism; history of environment; history of science
Nair, NeetiAssociate Professor
Modern South Asia, Legal History, History of Education
On Leave: Fall 2015 to Spring 2016
Owensby, Brian P.Professor
Latin America; Modern Brazil; Colonial Mexico; Legal History; early-modern Spanish empire in the New World
Parshall, KarenProfessor of History and Mathematics
History of Science
On Leave: Fall 2015 to Spring 2016
Reed, Bradly W.Associate Professor
Late Impeial and Modern China
Rossman, JeffreyAssociate Professor
Director, Center for Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies
Russia/USSR; Modern Europe; Communism; Genocide
Schuker, Stephen A.William W. Corcoran Professor
Modern Europe, International
On Leave: Fall 2015
Stagg, J.C.A.Professor
Editor, The Papers of James Madison
Early American Republic
Stolz, RobertAssociate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
Japanese History, Social Theory
Taylor, AlanThomas Jefferson Foundation Chair
Colonial North America; American Revolution; Early Republic; Pre-Confederation Canada; American West
On Leave: Fall 2015
Thomas, MarkProfessor of History and Economics
British Economic, US Business and Economic, International Economic, Australia
On Leave: Spring, 2016
Thompson, Elizabeth F.Professor
20th-century Middle East, Political Movements, World War I, French Colonialism, Gender, Cinema & the Public Sphere
On Leave: Fall 2015 to Spring 2016
Varon, ElizabethLangbourne M. Williams Professor of American History
American South, Civil War Era, Women’s and Gender History, Intellectual and Cultural History
White, Joshua M.Assistant Professor
Early Modern Ottoman Empire and Mediterranean; social, legal, and diplomatic history
On Leave: Fall 2015 to Spring 2016
Zelikow, PhilipWhite Burkett Miller Professor of History
Modern world, 20th century US, American foreign policy
Zhang , Cong EllenAssociate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Imperial China, especially the Song dynasty (960-1279), elite culture, family, filial piety
On Leave: Spring 2016
Zunz, OlivierCommonwealth Professor
Twentieth Century U.S., Social
On Leave: Fall 2015

Faculty with Joint Appointments

Carlson, W. BernardProfessor
Member of Committe on the History of Environment and Technology
History of Technology; American Business History; Entrepreneurship; Social and Cognitive Theories of Innovation
Fogarty, Gerald P.William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor
U.S. Catholic History and Vatican diplomacy
Goluboff, RisaProfessor of Law, Professor of History
Caddell & Chapman Research Professor
History of civil rights, labor, and constitutional law in the 20th century
Horne, Janet R.Associate Professor of French
Social and Cultural History of France (19th and 20th centuries); Contemporary France; France in Global Context; the French Colonial and Postcolonial Worlds
Olick, Jeffrey K.Professor of Sociology and History
Collective memory, critical theory, transitional justice, and postwar Germany
Weber , Alison Professor
Women's History, Spanish History
White, G. EdwardJohn B. Minor Professor of Law and Professor of History
American Legal History, Intellectual History

Associated Faculty

Achilles, ManuelaLecturer, Departments of History and German
Associate Director, Center for German Studies
Modern German and European history and culture; history of emotions; cultural studies; critical theory, sustainablity in transatlantic perspective.
Caires, MichaelGraduate Student
Pre-Doctoral Fellow, Bankard Fund in Political Economy, 2012-2013.
19th Century U.S.,Civil War and Reconstruction , Political Economy, Politics, and Law.
Cann, JackAdjunct Lecturer
Coleman, DavidAssociate Professor
Nuclear and defense policy, U.S.-European relations, and Cold War history
Field, CoriLecturer, Corcoran Department of History and Women, Gender, Sexuality Program
U.S. gender and race; childhood and adulthood
Flaherty, DavidInstructor of History
Ph.D. Candidate (ABD)
Colonial North America; Early Modern Atlantic; American Revolution; Frontier America 1600-1900
Gilliam, George H.Adjunct Instructor
American South; 19th Century Virginia Economic and Business History; Virginia Political History
Komornicka, JolantaLecturer
Late Medieval France, Crime and Treason, Medieval Legal and Social History
McKee, GuianAssociate Professor, Miller Center of Public Affairs, Frank Batten School of Leadership & Public Policy
U.S. social policy history and urban history
Nicoletti, CynthiaVisiting Assistant Professor
American Legal History; Civil War and Reconstruction
O'Shaughnessy, AndrewSaunders Director, Robert H.Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies
Eighteenth Century Atlantic World, British Empire
Selverstone, Marc J.Associate Professor
U.S. foreign relations post-1945, the culture of the Cold War, and the Vietnam War
von Daacke, Kirt Associate Professor
Assistant Dean
American South, Slavery, Social and Cultural History
Weidner, Heather

Emeritus Faculty

Aron, Cindy S.Professor Emerita
American Women's History
Brown, John K.Associate Professor
Member of Committe on the History of Environment and Technology
Technological and Industrial History
Butler, Reginald D.Associate Professor Emeritus
Director, Carter G. Woodson Institute for Afro-American and African Studies
Crosby, Everett U.Professor Emeritus
Medieval Europe:1050-1750; Medieval France and England; Medieval Church
Dimberg, Ronald G.Associate Professor Emeritus
Korea, Traditional China
Edsall, Nicholas C.Professor Emeritus
Modern Britain
Gaston, Paul M.Professor Emeritus
U.S. South and Civil Rights
Hauser, WalterProfessor Emeritus
Modern India
Holt, Michael F.Langbourne M. Williams Professor of American History, Emeritus
Nineteenth Century U.S., Political
Israel, John W.Professor Emeritus
Modern China
Kett, Joseph F.James Madison Professor, Emeritus
American Intellectual and Cultural History
Leffler, PhyllisProfessor
Public History; History of U.Va.; Oral history
McClellan, WoodfordProfessor Emeritus
Modern Russia
McCurdy, Charles W.Professor of History and Law
Midelfort, H. C. ErikJulian Bishko Professor of History, Emeritus
Early Modern Europe
Miller, Joseph C.T. Cary Johnson, Jr. Professor, Emeritus
Early Africa, Slavery, Slave Trade, Atlantic History, World History
Onuf, Peter S.Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation Professor, Emeritus
American Revolution, Early American Republic
Osheim, Duane J.Professor Emeritus
Medieval and Renaissance Europe
Sablinsky, WalterAssociate Professor Emeritus
Modern & Soviet Russia
Schutte, Anne J.Professor Emerita
Early Modern Cultural, Gender, Religious; Italy
Sedgwick, AlexanderProfessor Emeritus
Early Modern France
Wilken, Robert L.Professor Emeritus
Early and medieval Christian history and thought
Williams, D. AlanAssociate Professor Emeritus
18th Century U.S.; History of Virginia

Visiting Scholars

Johnson, Harold B.Visiting Scholar
Latin America
Zinberg, CecileVisiting Scholar
Early Modern England

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