Department Staff

  • Paul D. Halliday, Professor, Department Chair, 924-6385, ph4p [at] virginia [dot] edu
  • Christian McMillen, Professor, Associate Chair, 924-6416, cwm6w [at] virginia [dot] edu
  • Robert Stolz, Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies, 982-5954, rstolz [at] virginia [dot] edu
  • J.E. Lendon, Professor, Director of Graduate Admissions, 924-6948, lendon [at] virginia [dot] edu 
  • Herbert Braun, Associate Professor, Transfer Credit Advisor, 924-6406, hb3r [at] virginia [dot] edu
  • Cong Ellen Zhang, Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies, 924-6410, cz5h [at] virginia [dot] edu
  • Brian Balogh, Professor, Director of the Distinguished Majors Program, 243-8971, balogh [at] virginia [dot] edu
  • L. Kent Merritt, History Administrative Supervisor, 924-6380, lkm6h [at] virginia [dot] edu
  • Kathleen C. Miller, Office Manager and Assistant to the Chair, 924-7147, kcm [at] virginia [dot] edu
  • Whitney Yancey, Undergraduate Administrative Assistant, 924-6381, whr6a [at] Virginia [dot] edu
  • Jennifer A. Via, Graduate Studies Administrative Assistant and HRMS Specialist, 924-3478, jas4rd [at] virginia [dot] edu
  • Claire Weiss, Website Manager, cjw9bs [at] virginia [dot] edu (cjw9bs)cjw9bs [at] virginia [dot] edu (


Corcoran Department of History
University of Virginia
Nau Hall - South Lawn
Charlottesville, VA 22904

tel: (434) 924-7147; fax: (434) 924-7891
office: M-F 8 am to 4:30 pm
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