Graduate Seminars and Workshops


The Diplomatic History Group is a forum for graduate students studying foreign policy and international history to circulate dissertation chapters, conference papers, or seminar essays to their colleagues and receive feedback during informal monthly meetings.

The Southern Seminar is part of the department's Graduate Program in Southern History. This informal seminar offers a forum for graduate students and visiting scholars to present dissertation chapters, book excerpts, conference papers, and other work related to the history of the American South.

The Civil War Discussion Group is an informal forum for UVA graduate students to meet to discuss their work on the American Civil War Era (roughly 1820-1877) with other interested students and noted professors. The group also sponsors talks by scholars from outside the University.

  • Twentieth Century United States History Workshop

The workshop brings together Ph.D. candidates and faculty in the field of twentieth-century U.S. history, along with other engaged scholars to present work in progress and comment on that work. For full list of events, click here


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