Corcoran Department of History PhD Recipients Placement Results

Last Updated: August 26, 2015

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Explanation of terms:

T = Tenured
TT = Tenure-track
Term = Temporary Employment
P/T = Part-time Employment
O = Other Employment
O-R = Other Employment, but in field related to PhD, e.g. secondary teaching, museum, or editing
O-S = Other Employment, but seeking academic employment
Post-Doc = Holds post-doc, and intending to seek academic employment

Calendar Year 2015

Degrees Awarded August 2015

Ax, Oscar (Confino), “Emotional States: Marriage and the Pursuit of Happiness in East and West Germany, 1949-1989”. On the Market

 Bauer, Jean (Onuf), “Republicans of Letters: The Early American Foreign Service as Information Network, 1775-1825”. Princeton University, Associate Director, Center for Digital Humanities (O-R)

 McCormick, Evan (Leffler), “Beyond Revolution and Repression: U.S. Foreign Policy and Latin American Democracy, 1980-1989”. Southern Methodist University, Center for Presidential History, Post-Doc           

 Rosenwald, Brian (Balogh), “Mount Rushmore: The Rise of Talk Radio and Its Impact on Politics and Public Policy”. University of Pennsylvania, Fox Leadership Program, Fellow (O-R)

 Turek, Lauren (Leffler), “To Bring the Good News to All Nations: Evangelicals, Human Rights, and U.S. Foreign Policy, 1969-1994”. Trinity University, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

 Degrees Awarded May 2015

Bibler, Ryan (Halliday), “Legal Settlements: Jurisdiction in the English Atlantic, 1603-1643”. Silverchair Science and Communications, Business Analyst (O)

 Brown, Katherine (McCurdy), “Alexander Hamilton and the Development of American Law”. Huntington University, Assistant Professor of Political Science (TT)

Finger, Thomas (Russell/Thomas), “Harvesting Power: Transatlantic Merchants and the Anglo-American Grain Trade, 1795-1890”. Northern Arizona University, Assistant Professor of History and Associate Chair (TT)

Hicks, Mary (Owensby), “The Sea and the Shackle: African and Creole Mariners and the Making of a Luso-African Atlantic Commercial Culture, 1721-1835”. Amherst College, Assistant Professor of Black Studies and History (TT)

Lashua, Kristen (Halliday), “Children at the Birth of Empire, c. 1600-1760”. Vanguard University, Assistant Professor of History and Political Science (TT)

Perkins, Cody (Mason), “Coloured Men, Moffies, and Meanings of Masculinity in South Africa, 1910-1960”.   American Hebrew Academy, Social Studies Teacher (O-R)

Richeson, Tamika (Varon), “Crimes of Discontent: The Contours of Black Women’s Law Breaking in Civil War Era Washington, D.C., 1830-1865”.  Oberlin College, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

Calendar Year 2014

Degrees Awarded December 2014

Flaherty, Randall (Onuf), “To ‘the Most Distant Parts of the Globe’: Trade, Politics, and the Maritime Frontier in the Early Republic, 1763-1819”. University of Virginia, School of Law, Post-Doc

 Kayaoglu, Barin (Leffler), “Loving and Hating America in Turkey and Iran: A Cold War Story of Alliance Politics and Authoritarian Modernization, 1945-1980”. Independent Analyst and Consultant (O-R)

Moulds, Loren (Balogh), “The Domestic Standard: American Homeownership and the State, 1917-1950”. University of Virginia, School of Law, Digital Collections Librarian (O-R)

Terry, John (Kershaw), “Imagining Nature and Creating Sacred Landscapes in Early Medieval England and Francia, c. 400-850”. Westminster School, History Teacher (O-R)

Degrees Awarded August 2014

Caires, Michael (McCurdy), “The Greenback Union: The Politics and Law of American Money in the Civil War Era”. University of Virginia, Adjunct Professor of History, (Non-TT)

 Cebul, Randall (Balogh), “Developmental State: The Politics of Business, Poverty, and Economic Empowerment from the New Deal to the New Democrats”. University of Richmond, Digital Scholarship Lab, Mellon Post-Doc

Pierce, Rachel (Aron), “Capital Feminism: Work, Politics, and Gender in Congress, 1960-1980”. University of Gothenburg, Adjunct Professor of History (Non-TT)

Wilson, Lee (Edelson), “Masters of Law: English Legal Culture and the Law of Slavery in Colonial South Carolina and the British Atlantic World, 1669-1783”. Clemson University, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

Degrees Awarded May 2014

Brettle, Adrian (Gallagher), “The Fortunes of War: Confederate Expansionist Ambitions during the American Civil War”. University of Virginia, Department of History, Post-Doc

 Daniels, Anne (Owensby), “Growing Up in the Land of the Future: Youth Culture and Politics in Brazil, 1920-1985”. Navex Global, Trilingual Communications Specialist (O)

Dilbeck, Dale (Gallagher), “War in Earnest: The Union and its Effort to Wage a Just War”. Oklahoma Baptist University, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

Luebke, Peter (Gallagher), “Shattering the Slave Power: Northern Soldiers Interpret Their Civil War”. Virginia Department of Historic Resources, Highway Marker Program Historian (O-R)

Ray, Daren (Miller), “Disentangling Ethnicity in East Africa, ca. 1-2010 CE: Past Communities in Present Proactive”. Auburn University, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

Weidner, Heather (Halliday), “The Ocean in the Atlantic: British Experience and Imagination in an Imperial Sea, ca. 1600-1800”. University of Virginia, Adjunct Professor of History (Non-TT)

Calendar Year 2013

Degrees Awarded December 2013

Dudley, Brian (Halliday), “The Constitution of This Realm: Political Decision-Making, Office-Holding, and Religious Change in England’s Parishes, 1559-1700”. National Ground Intelligence (O-R)

 Nesbit, Clark Scott (Ayers), “The Irony of Emancipation in the Civil War South”. University of Georgia, Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities (TT)

Stubbendeck, Megan (Hale), “This Wrong Being Done to My People: Street Gangs, Historical Agency, and Crime Politics in Postwar America”. ArborBridge, Senior Director of Instruction (O)

Wood, Nicholas (Onuf), “Considerations of Humanity and Expediency: The Slave Trades and African Colonization in the Early National Antislavery Movement”. Yale University, Cassius M. Clay, Post-Doc

Degrees Awarded August 2013

Collins, John Michael (Halliday), “One of Many: Martial Law and English Laws c. 1500-c. 1700”Eastern Washington University, Adjunct Professor of History (Non-TT)

 Elias, Allison (Aron), “Standardizing Sex Discrimination: Clerical Workers, Labor Organizing, and Feminism”. Cornell Univ., Visiting Assistant Professor of Labor Relations, Law, and History (Non-TT)

Grinspan, Jonathan (Gallagher), “The Virgin Vote: Young Americans in the Age of Popular Politics”. Smithsonian National Museum of American History, Research Associate (O-R)

Kabalek, Yaakov (Confino), “The Rescue of Jews and the Memory of Nazism in German, from the Third Reich to the Present”Hebrew University, Post-Doc

Le Zotte, Jennifer (Hale), “From Goodwill to Grunge: Secondhand Consumerism in the Twentieth-Century United States”. Tarleton State University, Assistant Professor of History and Coordinator of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (TT)

Nalty, Sean (Holt), “We are going to Destruction as Fast as We Can: Slavery, the Rule of Law, and the Constitutional Union Party, 1849-1861”. Banking (O)

Otis, Jessica (Halliday), “By the Numbers: Understanding the World in Early Modern England”Carnegie Mellon University, Post-Doc

Stefanelli, Dana (Onuf), “A Capital City: Washington, D.C., and the Political Economy of American Federalism, 1781-1831”. Marymount University, Adjunct Faculty of History (Non-TT)

Yang, Kai-Chien (Reed), “Becoming Significant: The Development of a Rural Community in the Republican China”. Unknown

Degrees Awarded May 2013

Allison, James (Russell/McMillen), “Sovereignty for Survival: American Energy Development and Indian Self-Determination”. Christopher Newport University, Adjunct Professor of History (Non-TT)

 Gilliam, George (Ayers), “Building a Modern South: Political Economy in Nineteenth-Century Virginia”. University of Virginia, Department of History, Adjunct Professor of History (Non-TT)

Jacobs, Amy (Hale), “Redefining “Veterans”: The Vietnam War and the Making of Women Veterans 1979-1997”. Stevenson School, High school History Teacher (O-R)

Lee, Rosemary (Osheim), “A Printing Press for Shah ‘Abbas: Science, Learning, and Evangelization in the Near East, 1600-1650”. University of Virginia, Adjunct Faculty of History (Non-TT)

Macekura, Stephen (Leffler), “Of Limits and Growth: Global Environmentalism and the Rise of “Sustainable Development” in the Twentieth Century”. Indiana University, Assistant Professor of Global and International Studies (TT)

Nemchenok, Victor (Leffler), “A Dialogue of Power: Development, Global Civil Society, and the Third World Challenge to International Order, 1969-1981”. Defense Department, Internal Affairs Analyst (O-R)

Spencer, Scott (Schuker), “Establishing Empire’s State, Engineering Empire’s Nation: The South African Constabulary, the Imperial Policing Network, and a Greater Britain, 1900-1918”. Tufts University, Applied Humanities Researcher and Project Manager (O-R)

Staller, Jared (Miller), “Island of Imaginations: The Historical Dialectics between Experience and Observations in the Creation of Sao Tome, 1472-1953”. Rice University, Visiting Assistant Professor of History (Non-TT)

Calendar Year 2012

Degrees Awarded December 2012

Conklin, Carli (McCurdy), “The Pursuit of Happiness in Historical Context”. University of Missouri, School of Law, Associate Professor (TT)

 Martinko, Whitney (Onuf), “Progress through Preservation: History on the American Landscape in an Age of Improvement, 1785-1860”. Villanova University, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

Stryker, Lawrence (Midelfort), “The Swedish Monarchy and the Copper Trade: The Copper Company, the Deposit System, and the Problems of “Free Trade,” 1600-1640”. Mendham Metals, LLC, Trader (O)

Degrees Awarded August 2012

Herrington, Philip (Hale), “The Exceptional Plantation: Slavery, Agricultural Reform, and the Creation of an American Landscape”.  James Madison University, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

 Degrees Awarded May 2012

Elmore, Bart (Hale), “Citizen Coke: An Environmental and Political History of the Coca-Cola Company”.  University of Alabama, Assistant Professor of American and Global Environmental History (TT)

 Kurtz, William (Gallagher), “Roman-Catholic Americans in the North and Border States during the Era of the American Civil War”. Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, Assistant Editor (O-R)

Lewis, Margaret (Midelfort), “Infanticide in Early Modern Germany & the Experience of Augsberg, Memmingen, Ulm and Nordlingen, 1500-1800”. University of Tennessee at Martin, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

Lovelace, Herbert (McCurdy), “International Legal History from Below: The Civil Rights Movement and the US Origins of the International Convention”.  Indiana University School of Law, Associate Professor (TT)

Wasserman-Soler, Daniel (Midelfort), “Language Policy and Religious Instruction in Spain and Mexico, 1550-1600”. Alma College, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

Calendar Year 2011

Degrees Awarded December 2011

Alexander, Erik (Holt), “A Revival of the Old Organization": Northern Democrats and Reconstruction, 1868-1876”. Southern Illinois University, Assistant Professor of Historical Studies (TT)

 Chapin, Christy (Balogh), “Ensuring America's Health: Publicly Constructing the Private Health Insurance Industry”. University of Maryland, Assistant Professor Political History (TT)

 Degrees Awarded August 2011

Harris, Michael Keith (Gallagher), “Across the Bloody Chasm: Reconciliation in the Wake of Civil War”.  The Americanist Independent, Editor (O-R)

 Kolar, Laura (Balogh), “Conserving the Country in Postwar America: Federal Conservation Policy from Eisenhower to Nixon”. State Department, Research Historian (O-R)

Mattes, Armin (Onuf), "’Citizens of a Common Intellectual Homeland:’ the Transatlantic Context of the Origins of American Democracy and Nationhood, 1775-1840”. University of Missouri, Kinder Forum on Constitutional Democracy, Post-Doc

Murray-Miller, Gavin (Berlanstein), “Making France Modern: Democracy, Empire and the Construction of French Modernity, 1848-1870”. Cardiff University, Lecturer (Non-TT)

Ohman, Martin (Onuf), “Ambiguous Bonds of Union: American Political Economy and the Geopolitical Origins of Interregional Cooperation and Conflict, 1783-1821”. University of Gothenburg, Senior Lecturer (Non-TT)

Sawyer (Phillips), Laura (Balogh), “The American Fair Trade Controversy: Law and Economics in Transition, 1890-1940”Harvard University, Business School, Assistant Professor of Business Administration and International Economy (TT)

Wilson, James Graham (Leffler), “Bolts from the Blue: The United States, the Soviet Union, and the End of the Cold War”. State Department, Research Historian (O-R)

Degrees Awarded May 2011

Center, Seth (Leffler), “Confronting Decline: The Resilience of the Conception of the U.S. Role in the World, 1968-1975”. State Department, Research Historian (O-R)

 Cotter, Cory (Midelfort/Halliday), “Anglo-Dutch Dissent: British Dissenters in the Netherlands, 1662-1688”. George School, History Teacher (O-R)

Hatter, Lawrence (Onuf), “Channeling the Spirit of Enterprise: Commercial Interests and State Formation in the Early American West, 1763-1825”. Washington State University, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

Jones, William (Ayers), “Moving Mountains: Southern Appalachia and the Faith of the Nation, 1730-1835”. The Ministry (O)

Shelden, Rachel (Holt), “Washington Brotherhood: Friendship, Politics, and the Coming of the Civil War”. University of Oklahoma, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

Throckmorton, Anne (Halliday), “The Persistence of Saints in Early Modern England”.  Randolph Macon College, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

Zimring, David (Gallagher), “Crossing the Line: Northern-Born Men and Women in the Confederacy”. Montgomery College, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

Calendar Year 2010

Degrees Awarded December 2010

Eldred, Jason (Halliday), “Imperial Spain in the English Imagination, 1563-1662”. Westmont College, Adjunct Professor of History (Non-TT)

 Degrees Awarded August 2010

Hayter, Julian (Balogh), “We've Been Overcome: Black Voter Mobilization and White Resistance in Richmond, VA, 1954-1985”. University of Richmond, Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies (TT)

 Meyer, Victoria (Rosenfeld), “Divining the Pox: The Controversy over Smallpox Inoculation in Eighteenth-Century France”. University of Arizona, Assistant Professor and Director of Bachelor of General Studies Program (TT)

Nicoletti, Cynthia (Gallagher), “The Great Question of the War: The Legal Status of Secession in the Aftermath of the American Civil War, 1865-1869”. University of Virginia, Law School, Associate Professor (T)

Sawyer, Logan (McCurdy), “Federalism and Reform: Party Politics and Constitutional Argument in the Progressive Era Fight for Federal Child Labor Reform”. University of Georgia, Law School, Associate Professor of Law (TT)

Wongsrichananlai, Kanisorn (Gallagher), “The Burden of Their Class: College-Educated New Englanders and Leadership in the Civil War Era”. Angelo State University, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

Degrees Awarded May 2010

Dean, Adam (Ayers), “An Agrarian Republic:  How Conflict Over Land Use Shaped the Civil War and Reconstruction”. Lynchburg College, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

 Goff, Lisa (Hale), “Shantytowns in the United States, 1820-1890”. University of Virginia, Department of English & American Studies/Middle Eastern & South Asian Languages and Culture, Adjunct Professor (Non-TT)

Meier, Kathryn Shively (Ayers), “No Place for the Sick": Nature's War on Civil War Soldier Health in 1862 Virginia”. Virginia Commonwealth University, Assistant Professor of American Civil War and Environmental History (TT)

Mushal, Amanda (Onuf), “My Word is My Bond": Honor, Commerce, and Status in the Antebellum South”. The Citadel, Associate Professor of History (T)

Nevin, Mark (Balogh), “Politicized Democracy: The Nixon Presidency and the Rise of Public Opinion Polling in American Politics”. Ohio University, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

Stoermer, Taylor (Onuf), “Constitutional Sense, Revolutionary Sensibility: Political Cultures in the Making and Breaking of British Virginia, 1707-1776”. Harvard University, Research Historian (Non-TT)

Winslow, Stanley (Schuker), “A Boy's Empire:  The British Public School as Imperial Training Ground, 1850-1918”. Divinity School (O-R)

Calendar Year 2009

Degrees Awarded December 2009

Gillis, Matthew (Kershaw), “Gottschalk of Orbais:  A Study of Power and Spirituality in a Ninth-Century Life”.  University of Tennessee, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

 Degrees Awarded August 2009

Botts, Joshua (Leffler), “Between Nightmares and Dreams: The Cold War and Neoconservative Strategic Culture, 1968-2000”. State Department, Research Historian (O-R)

 Torget, Andrew (Ayers), “Cotton Empire: Slavery and the Texas Borderlands, 1820-1837”. University North Texas, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

Degrees Awarded May 2009

Dierksheide, Christa (Onuf), The Amelioration of Slavery in the Anglo-American Imagination, 1770-1840”. Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Historian (O-R)  

 Geraghty, David (Onuf), “Emigrants, Exiles, Refugees, and Appeals for Land Grants in America’s Public Lands, 1783-1852”. Longwood University, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

Haberkern, Philipp (Midelfort), “The Presence of the Past: History, Memory, and the Making of St. Jan Hus”. Boston University, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

Jortner, Adam (Onuf), “Reign of Witches: A Political History of American Miracles, 1780-1840”. Auburn University, Associate Professor of History (T)

Stoykovich, Eric (Russell), “In the National Interest: Improving Domestic Animals and the Making of the United States, 1815-1870”Library of Congress, Library Technician (O-R)

Calendar Year 2008

Degrees Awarded December 2008

Alexander, Michael J. (Osheim, Schutte), “Disputing Vows: Struggling for a Spouse in the Paduan Episcopal Court (c.1400-1500)”. Miss Hall’s School, History Teacher (O-R)

 Bridges, David (Rossman), “In Moscow’s Image: Creating a Soviet State and Society in Kaliningrad Province, 1945-1970”. Unknown

Holt, Daniel (Zunz), “Acceptable Risk: Law, Regulation and the Politics of American Financial Markets, 1878-1930”. Federal Judicial System, Historian (O-R)

McMahon, Stephanie Hunter (McCurdy), “Money, Sex, and Tax Policy: Developments in Tax Avoidance and Martial Tax Returns, 1913-1948”. University of Cincinnati, College of Law, Associate Professor (T)

Rakove, Robert (Leffler), “A Genuine Departure: Kennedy, Johnson, and the Nonaligned World”. Stanford University, International Relations Program, History Lecturer (Non-TT)

Speiser, Matthew (Gallagher), “Seeking the Roots of the Lost Cause: The Continuity of Regional Celebration in the White South, 1850-1872”. Marymount School, History Teacher (O-R)

Degrees Awarded August 2008

Blair, Melissa Estes (Aron), “Women’s Organizations and Grassroots Politics: Denver, Durham, and Indianapolis, 1960-1975”. Warren Wilson College, Assistant Professor of History and Political Science (TT)

 Jackson, Robert A. (Ayers), “Fade In, Crossroads: The Southern Cinema, 1890-1940”. University of Tulsa, Associate Professor of English and Director of Graduate Studies (T)

Martin, Roderick (Middlefort), “The Reformation of Conscience: Rhetoric in the Lutheran Casuistry of Friedrich Balduin (1575-1627)”. Piedmont Community College, Adjunct Assistant Professor of History (Non-TT)

Martinez, Jaime A. (Gallagher), “For the Defense of the State: Slave Impressment in Confederate Virginia and North Carolina”. University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

Degrees Awarded May 2008

Haffner, Jeanne (Rosenfeld), “Social Space Revolution: Aerial Photography, Social Science, and Urban Politics in Post War France”.  Harvard Historical Science Program, Research Associate (O-R)

 Jorgensen, Dolores (Carlson), “Private Need, Public Order: Urban Sanitation in Late Medieval England and Scandinavia”Umea University, Environmental Studies, Researcher (O-R)

Matthews, Scott L. (Hale), “Up Against The World Like It Is: Documentary Expression In The South, 1925-1965”Georgia State University, History Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Internship (Non-TT)

Metcalf, Cynthia Gray-Ware (Clancy-Smith), “From Morality Play to Celebrity: Women, Gender, and Performing Modernity In Egypt: c. 1850-1939”. Independent Scholar

Murphy, Brian P. (Onuf), “Empire State Building: Interests, Institutions, and the Formation of States and Parties in New York, 1783-1845”. Baruch College, Associate Professor of History (T)

Nichols, Christopher (Zunz), “From Empire to Isolation: Internationalism and Isolationism in American Thought”. Oregon State University, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

Ragosta, John A. (Onuf), “Fighting for Freedom: How Virginia’s Religious Dissenters Helped Win the American Revolution and Religious Liberty”. Oberlin College, Visiting Assistant Professor of History (Non-TT)

Schermerhorn, Calvin Jack (Ayers), “Against All Odds: Slavery and Enslaved Families in the Making of the Antebellum Chesapeake”. Arizona State University, Associate Professor of History (T)

Van Cleve, George W. (Onuf), “A Slaveholders Union: The Law and Politics of American Slavery, 1770-1821”Seattle University, School of Law, Visiting Assistant Professor (Non-TT)

Witmer, Andrew D. (Ayers), “God’s Interpreters: Protestant Missionaries, African Converts and Conceptions of Race in the United States, 1830-1910”. James Madison University, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

Calendar Year 2007

Degrees Awarded December 2007

Loss, Christopher (Balogh), “Form Democracy to Diversity: The Politics of American Higher Education in the Twentieth Century”. Vanderbilt University, Associate Professor of Public Policy and Higher Education (T)

 Wilson, Rai Imani (McCurdy), “Foundations of Sand: Federalism, Formalism, and the Matter of Money in the African-American Legal Experience, Florida, 1900-1950”. University of California San Diego, History Lecturer (Non-TT)

Degrees Awarded August 2007

Bracken, Hillary (Nair), “Maternity and Child Welfare Reform in North India, 1900-1947”Gynuity Health Projects, New York, NY, SR Program Associate (O-R)

 Gao, Bei (Reed), “China, Japan and the Flight of European Jewish Refugees to Shanghai, 1938-1945”. University of North Carolina Wilmington, Assistant Professor of International Studies (TT)

May, Vanessa (Aron), “Working in Public and in Private: Domestic Service, Women’s Reform And The Meaning of the Middle-Class Home in New York City, 1870-1940”. Seton Hall University, Associate Professor of History (T)

Degrees awarded May 2007

Sribnick, Ethan (McCurdy), “Rehabilitating Child Welfare: Children and Public Policy, 1945-1980”. New York Institute of Technology, Adjunct Assistant Professor (Non-TT)

Calendar Year 2006

 Degrees awarded December 2006

Hochstetler, Laurie (Onuf), “Sacred Rites: Religious Rituals and the Transformation of American Puritanism”.  Western Washington University, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

 Mooney, Alfonso (Ayers), “Shadows of Dominion: White Men and Power in Slavery, War, and the New South”. Windhover Capital Management, Financial Advisor (O)

Muravchik, Stephanie (Balogh), “Came To Believe: American Faith In An Age Of Psychology”. Claremont McKenna College, Visiting Assistant Professor (Non-TT)

Nehls, Christopher (Balogh), “A Grand and Glorious Feeling: The American Legion and American Nationalism between the World Wars”. FierceMarkets, FierceCities Newsletter, Editor (O)

Reis, Jehnie (Berlanstein), “French and Foreign Students in Interwar Paris: Creating the Cite Universitaire”. Point Park University, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

Vandermeulen, David (Zunz), “The Country of the Second Chance: Economic Failure and Recovery in Atchinson County, Kansas, 1865-1896”. Attorney (O)

Degrees awarded August 2006

Black, Monica (Confino), “The Meaning of Death and the Making of Three Berlins: A History, 1933-1961”.  University of Tennessee, Associate Professor of History (T)

 Pierce, Katherine Anna (Ayers), “Networks of Disunion: Politics, Print Culture, and the Coming of the Civil War”.  Sam Houston State University, Assistant Professor of History (TT)

Degrees awarded May 2006

Cuthbertson, Susan (Schuker), “Politics, Empire, and the Italian Nation, 1896-1949”. (Geographically constrained search, for family reasons), Independent Scholar, LA (O)

 Fleche, Andre (Gallagher), “The Revolution of 1861: The Legacy of the European Revolutions of 1848 and the American Civil War”. Castleton State College, Associate Professor & History Department Chair (T)

Flemma, Thomas (Holt), “Taming the ‘Chaos of a Mighty World’: Contesting California Culture, 1846-1856”. The Hotchkiss School, Associate Head of School and Dean of Faculty, Chair of History Department (O-R)

Riedl, John (Ayers), “Language and the Making of Race in the United States, 1827-1900”. Montgomery College, Professor of History and Political Science (T)

Stokes, Laura (Midelfort), “Demons of Urban Reform: The Rise of Witchcraft Prosecution in Basel, Lucerne, and Nuremberg, 1430-1530”. Stanford University, Associate Professor of History (T)

Calendar Year 2005

Degrees awarded December 2005

Brooks, Clayton (Hale), “Conversations across the Color Line: Interracial Cooperation and the Making of Segregation in Virginia, 1900-1930”. Mary Baldwin College, Adjunct Professor (Non-TT)

 Hoff, Derek (Zunz), “Are We Too Many: The Population Debate and Policymaking in the Twentieth-Century United States”. Kansas State University, Associate Professor (T)

Minton, Amy (Ayers), “A Culture of Respectability: Southerners and Social Relations in Richmond, Virginia, 1820-1865”. Marymount University, Assistant Professor (TT)

Morissey, Christof (Schuker), “National Socialism and Dissent among the Ethnic Germans of Slovakia and Croatia, 1938-1945”. Independent scholar in Berlin (O)

Degrees awarded August 2005

Bolden, Jesse (Thomas), “A Study of the Rise and Fall of the John McCown Liberation Movement in Hancock County, Georgia, 1870-1976”. Ogeechee Ministries of God, Pastor & teacher (O)

 Jennison, Watson Woodson, III (Ayers), “Cultivating Race:  Slavery and Expansion in Georgia, 1750-1860”. University of North Carolina, Greensboro, Assistant Professor of History (TT) 

Lee, Susanna Michele (Ayers), “Claiming the Union:  Stories of Loyalty in the Post-Civil War South”. North Carolina State, Associate Professor of History and Director of Graduate Programs (T)

Degrees awarded May 2005 

Ackerman, Michael (Kett), Interpreting the “’Newer Knowledge of Nutrition’”:  Science, Interests, and Values in the Making of Dietary Advice in the United States, 1915-1965”. CSC, Senior Programmer/Analyst (O)     

 Doody, Colleen Patrice (Lichtenstein), Anticommunism in America:  Detroit’s Cold War, 1945-1960”. De Paul University, Associate Professor of History and Associate Department Chair (T) 

Drogula, Fred Kilday (Meyer), “The Office of the Provincial Governor under the Roman Republic and Empire (To AD 235):  Conception and Tradition”. Providence College, Associate Professor of History (T) 

Fisher, Nevan Andrew (Israel), “A House Divided:  Christmas Church and the Protestant Community of Anqing”.  Nazareth College, Associate Professor of History and Political Science, Director of International Studies, Director of the Center for International Education (T) 

Janney, Caroline (Gallagher), “If not for the Ladies’:  Ladies’ Memorial Associations and the Making of the Lost Cause”. Purdue University, Professor (T) 

Owens, James Clayton, Jr. (Halliday), “Between King and Conscience:  Law, Politics, and Community in Early Modern England’s Diocese of Winchester, 1520-1641”. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC, Attorney (O)

Parkinson, Robert Glenn (Onuf), “Enemies of the People:  The Revolutionary War and Race in the New American Nation”. Shepherd College, Ray and Madeline Johnston Endowed Chair in American History, Associate Professor (T) 

Thorndike, Joseph Jacobs, III (Lichtenstein), “The Price of Civilization:  Taxation for Depression and War, 1932-1945”. Northwestern University, School of Law, Adjunct Professor (Non-TT)

Whitener, Bradford Duane (Megill), “Varieties of Historical Consciousness in Nineteenth-century Germany:  Ranke, Dollinger, and Marx”. Saint Mary’s University, Adjunct Professor of History (Non-TT)

Calendar Year 2004

Degrees awarded December 2004 

Mitchell, Dayo (Drayton), “The Ambiguous Distinctions of Descent:  Free People of Color and the Construction of Citizenship in Trinidad and Dominica, 1800-1838”. Stanford University, Academic Advising Director (O)

 Morton, Jack D. (Holt), “Ohio’s Gallant Fight:  Northern State Politics during the Reconstruction Era, 1865-1878”. Cengage Learning, Staff Accountant (O)

Murphy, Sharon A. (Thomas), Security in an Uncertain World:  Life Insurance and the Emergence of Modern America”. Providence College, Professor of History (T

Degrees awarded August 2004

CelelloKristin M. (Aron), “Making Marriage Work:  Marital Success and Failure in the United States, 1920-1980”. Queens College, Associate Professor of History (T) 

 De Schweinitz, Rebecca L. (Aron), “‘If They Could Change the World’:  Children, Childhood, and African-American Civil Rights Politics”. Brigham Young University, Associate Professor of History (T)

Delnore, Allyson J. (Rosenfeld), “Political Convictions:  French Deportation Projects in the Age of Revolutions, 1791-1854”. University of Pittsburgh, Associate Director of the European Union Center, Adjunct Assistant Professor of History (Non-TT)

Hsieh, Wayne (Ayers & Gallagher), “The Old Army in War and Peace: West Pointers and the Civil War Era, 1814-1865”United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Associate Professor of History (T)

Degrees awarded May 2004 

Bynum, Cornelius Lyn (Zunz), “Fighting for Identity:  A. Philip Randolph’s Search for Class-Consciousness in the Age of the Harlem Renaissance”. Purdue University, Associate Professor of History and Associate Director of the African American Studies and Research Center (T) 

 Carp, Benjamin Louis (Onuf), “Cityscapes and Revolution:  Political Mobilization and Urban Spaces in North America, 1740-1783”. Brooklyn College, CUNY, Associate Professor and Daniel M. Lyons Chair of History (T) 

Hohenstein, Kurt Alan (Mccurdy), “Coining Corruption:  Deliberative Democracy, the Constitution, and the Making of the American Campaign Finance System, 1876-1976”. Winona State, Assistant Professor of History and Co-Director of the Law and Society Program (TT)

Morsman, Amy Feely (Aron), “The Big House after Slavery:  Virginia’s Plantation Elite and their Postbellum Domestic Experiment”. Middlebury College, Associate Professor of History (T)          

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Calendar Year 2003

Degrees awarded December 2003 

Bon Tempo, Carl (Lichtenstein), “Americans at the Gate:  The Politics of American Refugee Policy, 1952-1980”. Suny Albany, Associate Professor (T)

 Mattozzi, Louisa Parker (Schutte & Osheim), “The Feminine Art of Politics and Diplomacy:  The Roles of Duchesses in Early Modern Italy”. U.S. State Department, Program Manager (O)

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Degrees awarded August 2003 

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Degrees awarded May 2003 

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Calendar Year 2002

Degrees awarded December 2002

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Morris, Andrew (Zunz), “Charity, Therapy, and Poverty: Private Social Service in the Era of Public Welfare”. Union College, Associate Professor of History (T)

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Degrees awarded August 2002

Creasman, Allyson (Midelfort), “Policing the Word: The Control of Print and Public Expression in early-Modern Augsburg, 1520-1648”. Carnegie Mellon University, Associate Professor of History (T)

Froysland, Haley Susan (Braun), “Para el Bien Comun: Charity, Health, and Moral Order in Bogotà, Colombia, 1850-1936”. Indiana University South Bend, Associate Professor of History (T)

Degrees awarded May 2002

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Calendar Year 2001

Degrees awarded December 2001

Roth, Sarah Nelson (Ayers), “Rebels and Martyrs: The Debate over Slavery in American Popular Culture, 1822-1865”. Widener College, Associate Professor and Coordinator of the African and African American Studies Program (T)

 Degrees award August 2001

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Degrees awarded May 2001

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Calendar Year 2000

Degrees awarded August 2000

Clevenger, Bryson Edward (Thomas), “Ireland and the Ultraradicals: A Rhetoric of Engagement and Detachment in British Working-Class Ideology”. University of Virginia, Research Advisor and Librarian for Philosophy (O-R)

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Degrees awarded May 2000

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Calendar Year 1999

Degrees awarded December 1999

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Hampson [now Patterson], Mary Regina Seeger (Havran), “Domesticating the Reformation: Religious Revolution and the Vocabulary of English Popular Piety”. Independent Scholar & Editor, NY (O-R)

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Degrees award August 1999

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 Degrees awarded May 1999

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Calendar Year 1998

Degrees awarded December 1998

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 Degrees awarded August 1998

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Degrees Awarded May 1998

Boesen, Matthew Charles (Innes), “From Charter to Constitution: Local Self-Government in Revolutionary Massachusetts, 1774-1780”. Woodberry Forest School, History Teacher, Noland Memorial Foundation Fellowship Coordinator, Dean of Faculty (O-R)

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Calendar Year 1997

Degrees Awarded December 1997

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Smith, Mark Augustus (Onuf), “Crisis, Unity, and Partisanship: The Road to the Sedition Act”.  John Burroughs School, St. Louis, History Teacher (O-R)

Degrees Awarded August 1997

Grover, Ruhi (Hauser), “Rhythms of the Timber Trade: Forests in the Himalayan Punjab, 1850-1925”. University of Otago, New Zealand, Blenheim Advisors, India Education Sector (O-R)

 Degrees Awarded May 1997

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Calendar Year 1996

Degrees Awarded Fall 1996

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Snead, David Lindsey (Leffler), “Eisenhower and the Gaither Report: The Influence of a Committee of Experts on National Security Policy in the late 1950's”. Liberty University, Professor of History  (T)



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