UVA Borderlands Colloquium

Friday, October 21, 2022
12:30PM - 2pm
Event Location: 
Hotel A

Please join the UVA Borderlands Colloquium for LUNCH and conversation discussing the following pre-circulated papers:  

Oct. 21, Fahad Bishara, "Monsoon Voyagers: An Indian Ocean History," 12:30-2pm, Hotel A  

Dec. 2, Debbie Kang, “The Anti-Mexican Origins of the McCarran Walter Act of 1952,” 1:45-3pm, Hotel A   

If you are interested in workshopping a text, discussing one of the above texts, being on our listserve, or for general questions, please contact Lean Sweeney (ls3kp@virginia.edu) or Joseph Seeley (jas5f@virginia.edu).   

Though our first two workshops are focused on historical inquiry, our colloquium is also looking for input, conversation and works-in-progress across the disciplines, from Linguistics, to Religious Studies to Public Health.  The aim of the Borderlands colloquium series is to bring together scholars grappling with topics linked to the people, processes and places that highlight the historical importance and cultural dynamics of engaging with the “in-between.” We see borderlands as lying between seemingly rigid categories—not simply between two national borders, but between any kinds of social or political boundaries.  They also expand and contract, and ooze into space where they were previously absent, changing a “bordered” space into borderland one.  This colloquium aims to provide a space to workshop in-progress articles or chapters, collaborate with like-minded colleagues, and expand our strategies for using borders and borderlands as analytical frameworks.