Undergraduates Tackle Public History

Monday, December 4, 2017

On Tuesday, 28 November, the students in Waitman Beorn’s class, “Curating the Past,” debuted their exhibition, “Contested Spaces: Examining the Past, Present, and the Forgotten at the University” in the atrium of Nau Hall.  The six posters, each of which treats an aspect of the history of UVa, represent the collaborative efforts of six groups of four students.  Beorn, who kicked off the event, was followed at the podium by Aswanth Samuel, one of the students in the class who had been elected by his peers to speak, and Mark Edmundson, Professor of English.  After the unveiling of the posters, the students fielded questions from the sizeable audience.  The posters and their creators are: “Introduction: Contested Spaces” by Olivia Tate, Hannah Hicks, Anna Barr, and Lauren Woodrell; “Changing Names, Changing Values” by Lauren Staton, Lily Snodgrass, Gwynnie Powers, and Teresa Nowalk; “Voids: Spaces of Absence, Loss, and Memory” by Rachel Smith, Olivia Bousquette, Ashwanth Samuel, and Jane Diamond; “Buried Over Time: Cemeteries at UVa” by Liz Feeser, Ellen Adams, Sarah Barbour, and Laila Husain; “Changing Over Time” by Ethan Hyman, Addie Patrick, Ashley Botkin, and Gregroty Lee; and “Who is in Control?” by Maeve Jones, Chad Kamen, Shannon Spence, and Jesse Ginn.  The project was sponsored by the University of Virginia Library , the University of Virginia Bicentennial, and Gropen.

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