Dissertations in Progress

Dissertator Dissertation Title Advisor
Abeer Saha "Creatures, Capital, and the State: The Rise of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, 1945-2000"  
Alexandra Evans "Reagan's Middle East: Lebanon and the Evolution of U.S. Strategy, 1981-1985" William Hitchcock
Alexandra Garrett "Elite Single Women and the Business of Slavery in Revolutionary and Early National Virginia" Alan Taylor
Andrew Sorber "To Avoid Future Peril: Signs, Portents and Prophecy in the Carolingian World, c. 750-900" Paul Kershaw
Asaf Almog "Looking Backward in a New Republic: Conservative New Englanders and American Nationalism, 1793-1861" Gary Gallagher
Brian Neumann "Last Hope of Liberty": Nationalism and Nullification in South Carolina, 1828-1835  
Chris Maternowski "Island Laboratory: Tristan da Cunha and the Development of Modern Science, 1873-1983" Erik Linstrum
Clayton Butler "True Blue: White Unionists in the Deep South during the Civil War" Gary Gallagher / Liz Varon
David Smith "The Way of the Churches: Ecclesiology, History, and Identity in Provincial New England" Onuf/Edelson
Emily Matson "Minority Memories of Manchukuo: Mongol and Manchu Perspectives on the Japanese Occupation, 1931-1945" Xiaoyuan Liu
Erik Erlandson "Reconstructing the American State: The Fall of Agency Expertise and the Rise of Presidential Administration, 1946-1984" Brian Balogh
Gillet Rosenblith "To Lose Your Housing is Double Jeopardy': Public Housing in the United States, 1967-1997" Grace Hale
Hamutal Jackobson Girshengorn "Not Drawn to Scale: Maps and the Holocaust, 1933 to the Present" Alon Confino
Jack Furniss "States of the Union: The Rise and Fall of the Political Center in the Civil War North"  
Jesse George-Nichol "It is for this party…to save the country”: The Constitutional Union Party and the Fate of Compromise" Liz Varon / Gary Gallagher
Jonathan Cohen “For a Dollar and a Dream: State Lotteries and American Inequality"  
Joseph Thompson "Sounding Southern: Music, Militarism, and the Making of the Sunbelt"  
Justin McBrien "The Weather is Usually Unusual: Nuclear Weapons Testing, Atmospheric politics, and the Problem of 'Inadvertent Weather Modification,' 1945-1980" Balogh / McMillen
Katie Lantz "Contested Futures: Anishinaabeg and American Cultures in the Great Lakes, 1790-1840" Alan Taylor
Kimberly Hursh "To Hell and Restitution: Catholic Commercial Justice in New Spain, 1680-1757" Brian Owensby
Meaghan Beadle "This is What a Feminist Looks Like! Photography and American Feminism, 1968-1987"  Grace Hale
Monica Blair "From Segregation Academies to School Choice: The Post-Brown History of School Privatization"  
Nicholas Lindberg "Beyond Kings: Local Notables and the Creation of the Hellenistic World" Ted Lendon
Nicole Schroeder "Incurable Defects: Medical Practice, Subsidized Welfare, and the Disabled Body in Philadelphia, 1780 - 1840"  
Rachael Givens Johnson "Conquered by Words or Taught by Senses: Enlightened Piety and Baroque Catholicism in the Eighteenth-century Iberian World" Brian Owensby
Scott Miller "A Merchant’s Republic: Crisis, Opportunity, and the Development of American Capitalism, 1765-1807" Mark Thomas
Shane Lin "Kingdom of Code: Cryptography and the New Privacy"  Brian Balogh
Shira Lurie “Politics at the Poles: Liberty Poles and the Popular Struggle for the New Republic”  
Stephanie Lawton "In Memory of the Best: The Classical Commemoration of American Presidents in the Nineteenth Century" Gary Gallagher / Elizabeth Varon
Swati Chawla "Between Homelessness and Homecoming: Tibetan Nationalism and Citizenship in Late 20th Century India" Richard Barnett
Tyler Creer "Homer and Heike: Epics of Warrior Societies" J. E. Lendon