Dissertations in Progress


Dissertation Advisor(s)  
Monica Blair From Segregation Academies to School Choice: The Post-Brown History of School Privatization Grace Hale  
Kevin Caprice Our Northern Empire: The After-Effects of Secession and the Development of America Caroline Janney  
Daniele Celano Conflicting Laws of Liberty: How Fugitive Slave Law Reshaped Constitutional Civil Liberties in the Civil War Elizabeth Varon  
Vivien Chang Anticolonial Diplomacy and the Search for a New International Economic Order, 1960-1975 William Hitchcock  
Swati Chawla Between Homelessness and Homecoming: Tibetan Nationalism and Citizenship in Late 20th Century India Fahad Bishara Richard Barnett
Ariel Cohen Exhibiting Cultural Philanthropy: Women, Power, and Museums in Jewish America, 1920-1970 James Loeffler  
Thomas Davidson The Ottoman Threat: The Role of the Ottoman Expansion in the Regime of State-Sponsored Violence Against Internal Enemies in Early Modern Europe Erin Lambert  
Amy Fedeski “What We Want To Do As Americans”: Jewish Political Activism and United States Refugee Policy, 1965-1989 James Loeffler  
Donovan Fifield Credit and Imperial Crises in the American Northeast, 1698-1775 S. Max Edelson Alan Taylor
Joseph Foley The Urban Prototype: Baltimore’s Carceral State: 1966-2016 Claudrena Harold  
Matthew Frakes Rogue States: The Making of America’s Global War on Terror, 1980–1994 William Hitchcock  
Christopher Halsted A Boar from the Mike: Politics, Society, and Economy in Sclavania, 880-1030 Paul Kershaw  
Rosalyn Hamilton The Very Quintessence of Persecution: Queer Antifascism in 1970s Western Europe Manuela Achilles  
Meghan Herwig The Global Debate over the Future World Economy, 1989-1995 Philip Zelikow  
Alexander Humes Fortified Arguments: Fortifications and Competing Spatial Views of Colonial North America S. Max Edelson  
Ian Iverson Moderate Men and Conservative Influences: Illinois and the Politics of Union, 1854-1861 Elizabeth Varon  
Allison Kelley High on the Mountaintop a Banner is Unfurled: Capitalism, Community, and Latter-day Saints’ Twentieth Century Economic Vision Grace Hale  
Connor Kenaston Faith Networks: National Broadcasting and the Making of American Religion Grace Hale  
Alice King “The Tribuit of the Indeans:” Tributary Networks and Colonization in Connecticut 1620-1700 Alan Taylor S. Max Edelson
Brianna Kirk No Safety for Union Men: Norfolk During Virginia’s Civil War and Reconstruction, 1860-1870 Elizabeth Varon  
Micaela Kowalski Between God and the Devil: Visualizing New Worlds in Early Modern German print, 1491-1600 Erin Lambert  
Stephanie Lawton In Memory of the Best: The Classical Commemoration of American Presidents in the Nineteenth Century Elizabeth Varon Gary Gallagher
Mina Lee Modernization, State-building, and Nuclear Policy in South Korea, 1963-1979 William Hitchcock  
Jennifer Levin Mobile, not “Immobile”: Local and Long-Distance Networks in French Louisiana S. Max Edelson Alan Taylor
Stefan Lund The Union’s Other War: The Purpose and Practice of Press Censorship in the American Civil War Elizabeth Varon  
Jing Luo "We Have Seen the Enemy, and He Looks Like Us": Re-Making Asian America, 1972-1996 Sarah Milov  
Allison Mitchell Battle for the Ballot: A History of Black Electoral Politics and Voter Suppression in Florida, 1940s—2010s Claudrena Harold  
Joshua Morrison Cut from the Same Cloth: Salem, Zanzibar, and the Consolidation of the Indo-Atlantic World, 1790-1875 Elizabeth Varon  
Laura Ornee Women's Rights as Human Rights: Transnational Feminism, Human Rights, and Neoliberalism James Loeffler  
Chloe Porche The Ghost of Slavery, the Spirit of Resistance: Black Women Look Back on Emancipation in the Age of Jim Crow, 1865-1925 Elizabeth Varon  
Wu Qu A Cold Conflict amid a Hot War: US-Chinese Indoctrination Contest over the POWs during the Korean War Xiaoyuan Liu  
Natasha Rowland 'Not One Inch of Retreat': The Transnational Jewish Far Right, 1929-1996 James Loeffler  
Emily Sackett Women Wanted: Gender, Race, and the Origins of American Plantation Society, 1607-1720 S. Max Edelson  
Abeer Saha Animal Factory: Creatures, Capital, and the State in the Twentieth Century Sarah Milov W.B. Carlson
Nicole Schroeder Incurable Defects: Medicine, Welfare, and Clashing Conceptions of Disability in Philadelphia, 1730-1840 S. Max Edelson  
Nicholas Scott Dignifying the Revolution: Cordón Vicuña Mackenna and the Chilean Road to Socialism, 1957-2010 Thomas Klubock  
Daniel Sunshine Crucible of Union: Slavery and Democracy in the Founding of West Virginia Elizabeth Varon Gary Gallagher
Hannah Tucker Masters of the Market: Ship Captaincy in the British Atlantic, 1680-1774 S. Max Edelson  
Lily Van Diepen The Crimen Maiestatis and the Construction of Autocratic Rule, from Republic to Late Empire Elizabeth Meyer  
Christopher Whitehead The Lake Between: Kinship and Conflict in the Champlain Valley, 1600-1800 Alan Taylor  
Kevin Woram Morality and the Marketplace: Aediles and Agoranomoi in the Cities of the Roman Empire” Elizabeth Meyer  
Yuchen Zhao Tibetan Monasteries and Nation Building in China during the Socialist Transition, 1978-2008 Xiaoyuan Liu