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Spring 2023


Dissertation Advisor(s)    
Kevin Woram Morality and the Marketplace: Aediles and Agoranomoi in the Roman World Elizabeth Meyer Ted Lendon Fahad Bishara
Matthew Frakes Rogue States: The Making of America's Global War on Terror, 1980-1994 William Hitchcock Phillip Zelikow Brian Balogh
Wu Qu A Cold Conflict amid a Hot War: US-Chinese Indoctrination Contest over the Prisoners of War during the Korean War Xiaoyuan Liu Joseph Seeley Robert Stolz
Crystal Luo "Higher Rises, Lower Depths": Asian Americans and globalization, 1967-1996 Sarah Milov Andrew Kahrl S. Deborah Kang
Natasha Roth-Rowland Not One Inch of Retreat': The Transnational Jewish Far Right, 1929-1996 James Loeffler Fahad Bishara Kyrill Kunakhoich


Summer 2023



Dissertation Advisor(s)    
Lily Van Diepen The Crimen Maiestatis and the Emergence of Autocratic Rule, from Republic to Principate Elizabeth Meyer J.E. Lendon  
Joseph Foley   Claudrena Harold    
Jesse George-Nichol Nativism and Conciliation: Border South Unionists and the Road to Civil War Elizabeth Varon  

Fall 2023


Dissertation Advisor(s)      
Meghan Herwig The Gobal Debate over the Future World Exonomy, 1989-1998 Phillip Zelikow William Hitchcock Kristina Spohr  
Thomas Geisigner The Enablers: The Joint Cheifs of Staff, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and The Quality of Military Advice Before the Iraq War, 2001-2003. Phillip Zelikow William Hitchcock Melvyn Leffler  
Jennifer Levin Material Diplomacy: Indigenous and European Networkd of Exchange in French Mobile, 1699-1739. Max Edelson Elizabeth Varon Christa Dierksheide