Talk with Professor Elizabeth Hutchison: "Workers Like All the Rest of Them"

Wednesday, October 26, 2022
1:30 - 2:30pm
Event Location: 
Bond House 116/118

“Workers Like All the Rest of Them?: Regulating Domestic Service in Twentieth-Century Chile”
Hutchison will examine the history of Chilean domestic service from the perspective of state regulation over the course of twentieth century.  Since the earliest decades of the twentieth century, household work and its regulation has been a recurring focus of legislative projects in many Latin American countries, including the liberal reformist projects of Batllista Uruguay, post-revolutionary Mexico, and Chile’s labor code, the partisan efforts of Cold War Peronism and Chilean socialism, and the global- and feminist-oriented campaigns of the 1990s.  Drawing on research from her recent book, Workers Like All the Rest of Them (Duke, 2021), Hutchison will discuss the Chilean case in the context of regional changes in state regulation of domestic service in twentieth-century Latin America.