Department News Wrap-Up

Friday, November 20, 2020

Prof. Will Hitchcock’s and Siva Vaidhyanathan’s Democracy in Danger podcast hosted a special live broadcast that featured Carol Anderson, Melody Barnes, Leah Wright-Rigueur, and Ian Solomon. The broadcast, “Aftermath: Democracy in the Wake of 2020,” examined the challenges facing Democracy in the wake of the election.  More post-election analysis can also be found on the podcast’s November 11th episode with guest commentators Jamelle Bouie and Dahlia Lithwick.

“What can Charlottesville’s forgotten Jewish past teach us about the American struggle for freedom?” This is a question Prof. James Loeffler explores in a recent essay, “The Jewish Grandchildren of Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson.” Prof. Loeffler's essay is featured on The Thoughts From the Lawn (TFTL) blog, which is published by Lifetime Learning at the University of Virginia’s Office of Engagement.  

Prof. Carrie Janney delivered the Tracy W. and Katherine W. McGregor Distinguished Lecture in American History. In her lecture, "When the Monuments Went Up,” Carrie explored “the ways in which the Civil War generation, Unionists and Confederates, men and women, white and Black, crafted and protected their memories of the nation’s greatest conflict.”