History Behind the Headlines

Spring 2014

HIUS 4160

History Behind the Headlines

Benjamin Davison

History Behind the Headlines (HBH) gives students the unique opportunity to engage directly with the nationally known academic experts, journalists, and policy-makers who come through UVA’s Miller Center of Public Affairs each week in addition studying a wide array of issues in modern American political and intellectual history.

Students will analyze some of our most pressing policy and public affairs issues from a historical perspective, utilizing the considerable resources of the Miller Center and its scholarly community.  The research and writings of this spring’s Miller Center Colloquium and Forum guests will form the core of HBH’s readings. Weekly discussions will cover a diverse array of topics, including: partisanship in American politics; competing visions of the proper role of federalism; the politics of immigration, drug, and healthcare policy; the ongoing financial crisis; racial, social, and gender issues in American politics; the United States’ role in the globalized economy; evaluating the ongoing legacy of Reconstruction and the New Deal; and human rights and nation building in the twenty first century. The heavy reading load (150-200 pages per week) will introduce students to some of the finest research in history, political science, international relations, sociology, and American Political Development. Assignments will include attendance at Miller Center colloquia, active participation in weekly discussion, two op-ed style pieces, and a long-term, substantial writing project (20-25 pages) on a topic of the student’s choice.  All of the assignments will emphasize the articulation of scholarship for a wider audience – a central mission of the Miller Center. 


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