Summer 2022

Session 1

HIST 3281, Genocide (Jeffrey Rossman)

HIUS 3011, Colonial British America (Max Edelson)

Session 2

HIEA 3559, Borders, Maps, and Conflict in East Asia (Joseph Seeley)

HIEU 2004, Nationalism in Europe (Kyrill Kunakhovich)

HIST 3559, Adam Smith and the Wealth of Nations (Fahad Bishara)

HIUS 2001, American History to 1865 (Christa Dierksheide)

HIUS 2053, American Slavery (Justene Hill Edwards)

HIUS 3171, US Since 1945: People, Politics, Power (Sarah Milov)

HIUS 3172, America in Vietnam (Marc Selverstone)

Session 3

HIAF 2001, Early African History (James LaFleur)

HIEA 2031, Modern China (Brad Reed)

HIEA 3559, The Making of Two Koreas (Elena Symmes)

HILA 3559, Citizenship, Exile and Migration in Latin America (Nicholas Scott)

HIUS 2002, American History Since 1865 (Amy Fedeski)

HIUS 3072, Civil War and Reconstruction (Brianna Kirk)