The History of A12 and Its Meaning

Monday, October 1, 2018
Event Location: 
Nau Hall 342

The creator of new podcast series "A12," Dr. Nicole Hemmer explores why the alt-right descended on Charlottesville and how the city and university have grappled with the aftermath. 

Hemmer's talk explores the events of A12, the varieties of activism that developed during the Summer of Hate, the failures of city and university leadership, and what has happened to the alt-right in the year since they attacked the university and the city. 

Hemmer is Assistant Professor at the Miller Center and co-founder and editor of "Made by History" at the Washington Post

You can listen to the podcast here. The podcast features extended interviews with John Mason, Claudrena Harold, Risa Goluboff, and many other UVa and city voices. The series dives into the city's history, especially of Charlottesville's African American community, and places the riots of A12 in a rich historical context. 

Sponsored by the Page Barbour Fund for the project "When the Fascists Came to Town."