Leif Fredrickson

Leif Fredrickson

Advisor: Brian Balogh

Email: lmf4bm (at) virginia.edu

Ph.D. University of Virginia, History.  (In Progress, ABD)
M.A. University of Virginia, History, May 2014 
M.A. University of Montana, History, May 2010 
B.A. Vassar College, Cognitive Science, 2000 
“From Ecocide to Eco-ally: Picloram, Herbicidal Warfare, and Invasive Species, 1963-2005,” in Global Environment: A Journal of History and Natural and Social Sciences, 2014, 7.1, 172-217
Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, Digital Scholarship Lab, University of Richmond/Mellon Foundation

Mellon Graduate Seminar: Composing the Humanities in the Digital Age (2014-2015)
History Project Research Grant, Institute for New Economic Thinking, Harvard and Cambridge Universities
National Endowment for the Humanities, Mapping Nature Across the Americas Summer Institute, Newberry Library, Chicago
Raven Fellowship, Raven Society, University of Virginia
President’s Fellowship, University of Virginia, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (2011-2015)
Susan Koch Scholarship, University of Montana
"Core Problems: How Suburbanization Harmed the Environmental Health of the Inner City," American Society for Environmental History

“Childhood Lead Poisoning in Twentieth-Century Baltimore: Urban Renewal, Automobiles, and Climate,”  American Society for Environmental History
“Childhood Lead Poisoning in Baltimore in the Mid-Twentieth Century: Pica, Policy and Climate,” Baltimore Ecosystem Study Conference
“Neuro-history: Some Theories and Methods for Getting inside the Grey Box,” Science and Method in the Humanities, Rutgers University
 “From Ecocide to Eco-ally: Picloram, Herbicidal Warfare and Invasive Species, 1963-2000,” Workshop on Hazardous Chemicals: Agents of Risk and Change, Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society
“Bio-Fixes and Bio-Invasions: The Introduction of Mysid Shrimp into Flathead Lake, Montana, 1939 – 2000,” American Society of Environmental History Conference
“From Ecocide to Eco-ally: Picloram, Invasive Species, and American Environmentalism,” Society for the History of Technology Conference

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