Leif Fredrickson

Leif Fredrickson

Mellon Pre-Doctoral Fellow, Digital Scholarship Lab, University of Richmond

Advisor: Brian Balogh

Email: lmf4bm (at) virginia.edu

Fields & Specialties

Environmental History, Urban History

Curriculum Vitae


The Age of Lead: Environmental Health, Metropolitan Change, and Urban Underdevelopment in Baltimore, 1900-2000.


“From Ecocide to Eco-ally: Picloram, Herbicidal Warfare, and Invasive Species, 1963-2005,” in Global Environment: A Journal of History and Natural and Social Sciences, 2014, 7.1, 172-217.

“Bio-Invasions and Bio-Fixes: Mysid Shrimp Introductions in the Twentieth Century,” Environment and History (forthcoming).

“The Rise and Fall of an Ecostar: Green Technology Innovation and Marketing as Regulatory Obstruction,” in Hartmut Berghoff and Adam Rome, eds., Green Capitalism? Exploring the Crossroads of Environmental and Business History (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, forthcoming).

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