Undergraduate Research

The Corcoran Department of History at University of Virginia is proud of its Undergraduate Majors who successfully completed their theses. Listed below are their papers organized by year.

Altman, Victoria The Salt and the Pomegranate: The Roots and Meaning of the Mutiny of 1857
Anderson, William History of Alcohol in Virginia
Armstrong, Shannon The American Colonization Society
Austin, Thom Mitchell Effectiveness of Allied Strategic Bombing of Germany during World War II
Baber, Jordan The Hiroshima Legend: The Dropping of the Atomic Bombs and the Narrative that Arose from Its Ashes
Bane, Will Southern Reconstruction as an Issue in the Northern Elections of 1870
Batalla, Tomas A Veiled Controversy: France and the Ban on Headscarves in Public Schools
Bedenbaugh, Sarah Inquisitional Policy and Practice towards Moriscos in Granada, 1566-1571
Bensouda, Nuhad The Execution Methods of England and France
Bolen, Jacquelyn The Motivations for Abolition: A Recourse on the Moral and Economic Theories of British Antislavery

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