Seminar in Latin American History

Spring 2014

HILA 4501 (2)

Seminar in Latin American History

"Christianity in Latin America--Evangelization to Pope Francis"

Brian P. Owensby

This seminar will begin with a 1511 sermon by Father Anton Montesinos against the injustice of Spanish treatment of the Indians and continue through the evangelization of the 16th century, the emergence of Baroque Catholicism in the 17th and 18th centuries, the struggles over religion in the 19th century, the emergence of Liberation Theology and growth of protestant Christianity in the 20th century, and the advent of a Latin American, Jesuit pope in the 21st century.  Emphasis throughout will be on the role of religion in wider society seen through primary and secondary sources.  We will meet once weekly, reading common texts for the first eight weeks and spend the remainder of the semester writing papers.  Enrollment is limited to 15.


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