Colloquium on European History Since 1890

Spring 2014

HIEU 5892

Colloquium on European History Since 1890

Stephen A. Schuker

This seminar is designed as a capstone course that integrates previous study of European history since 1890. It is open to undergraduates in history as well as graduate students who may consider it useful when preparing an examination in twentieth-century history or allied fields. 

The class will meet every Tuesday afternoon for discussion of the week's reading. At each session one student will take the lead in presenting the issues on the agenda analytically. The focus is consistently transnational and comparative, but each student will find opportunity to emphasize the countries in which he or she has greatest interest. 

Topics will include Rankean history and its challengers, imperialism, origins and conduct of World War I, the transformation of postwar capitalism, the Russian revolution, Fascism as a belief and governing system, the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Holocaust, the Cold War, postwar recovery and European Union, the welfare state, new directions in women's history, and German unification and the end of the Cold War. 

The course does not require a final examination.  Students will prepare a bibliographical essay covering their reading during the term. Grades will depend in part on the assigned weekly presentations, in part on discussion, and in large part on the final paper.

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