Jewish History of Poland and the Soviet Union in the Twentieth Century

Spring 2014

HIEU 3742

Jewish History of Poland and the Soviet Union in the Twentieth Century

Hanna Schmidt Hollaender

This course provides a survey of the social history of Jews in Poland and the Soviet Union in the 20th century.  Beginning with Tsarist Russia and Congress Poland, the class will roughly follow the chronology until the Jewish mass emigration from Europe to the United States and Israel, but will be organized around topics such as demographics, antisemitism, politics, religion, education, culture, persecution, Jewish-gentile relations, and migration. Through assigned readings (on average a book per week) and lectures, this class will offer an introduction to research and selected sources of this period and area. The class will be conducted as a lecture with discussion, and active participation of every attendee will be expected. Assessment will be based on active participation in class, response papers, and a term paper. In order to support the writing process there will be several stages in the production and submission process. Stages will include a topic proposal (300 words), an argument proposal (1-2 pages), and a research paper (4,000-5,000 words).


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