Modern Jewish History

Spring 2014

HIEU 2102

Modern Jewish History

Gabriel Cooper

This course examines Jewish history from the sixteenth century to the present. It focuses on political, social, religious, and cultural transformations of Jewish life and identity around the world. Major topics include Jewish political emancipation and the Jewish Enlightenment, Zionism and modern Jewish political movements, anti-Semitism and the Holocaust, American and European Jewries, and post-WWII relations between global Jewry and the State of Israel. In lectures and in some readings, special attention may be devoted to the German Jewish experience, as well as its intellectual and cultural legacy. This course assumes no prior knowledge of Judaism or Jewish history.

Textbook readings will form the bulk of the assignments, supplemented by selected scholarly articles and a vast array of primary sources. Requirements will likely include regular, short online responses to primary sources; a midterm exam; a final exam; preparedness for and participation in class discussions. 


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