Distinguished Majors Program Apps Due

Distinguished Majors Program (DMP) is now accepting applications from 2nd year students.

Faculty: Herbert Braun

The History Department’s Distinguished Majors Program (DMP) is now accepting applications from 2nd year students.

The History DMP is a four semester program that begins in the fall of the third year with an intensive colloquium on historical methods and theory. The program culminates in the fourth year with the writing of a substantial research thesis. The topics of DMP theses are as diverse as our students’ historical interests. DMP students receive a B.A. in History with one of several levels of distinction. The department bestows special honors upon several of the top DMP theses during the graduation ceremony.

There will be information meetings about the DMP on Thursday, March 7 at 5:00 pm in Nau 342, and on Tuesday, March 19, also in Nau 342 at 5 pm. Students interested in the DMP are encouraged to attend.

Students apply for the History DMP during the spring of their second year, regardless of whether or not they have already declared history as their major. Applications to the program are due on Friday, March 22 no later than 4:00 pm. There are sixteen spaces available in the program; decisions on acceptance will be announced by Wednesday, March 27.  Students accepted into the DMP will enroll in the DMP Colloquium (HIST 4890) for fall semester.

For further details on the History DMP and a downloadable application form, please visit: http://www.virginia.edu/history/undergraduate/dmp

If you questions, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Programs, Prof. Herbert Braun at hb3r [at] virginia [dot] edu.  The director of the DMP is Prof. Christian McMillen. 

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