BackStory Inauguration Clips

Video Clips from BackStory Inauguration Broadcast

Faculty: Brian Balogh , Peter S. Onuf

It was an exciting Inauguration for BackStory's American History Guys, beginning with a live show at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History broadcast live on C-Span3 (link below to watch).  Then the History Guys appeared three times on CNN to discuss the history of Inaugurations.  Below are links to the three broacasts, each about five minutes long. If you have never seen Brian, Ed and Peter in action take a minute to watch.

The American History Guys discuss second terms and second inaugurals throughout US history with John King and Erin Burnett on CNN. Video courtesy CNN.

The American History Guys discuss the history of Presidential Inaugurations with Don Lemon on CNN. Video courtesy CNN.

American History Guy Ed Ayers discusses the role of the Bible in Presidential inaugurations throughout American history with Don Lemon. Video courtesy CNN

And, the link to the CSPAN3 broadcast.

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