Spring Courses on UVa History

Spring Courses on the History of UVa

Faculty: Phyllis Leffler

Looking for a course for spring semester? Check out two exciting classes on the history of UVA taught by Professor Phyllis Leffler:

HIUS 3559 – NEW course called "U.Va.'s Crisis in Historical Perspective" - an innovative course, discussion based, in which students will read current literature about higher ed and engage in the primary research to help discover how the crisis of last June, leading to the ouster and reinstatement of President Sullivan, fits into the broader history of U.Va.

HIUS 4591 – U.Va. History: Race and Repair – a team-taught course focusing on how slavery and its repercussions affected the history of U.Va. and the surrounding community. This is a seminar, based on group discussions, and group research projects to help develop the race history of U.Va. This course will open your eyes to some of the hidden histories that surround you.

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