Introductory Seminar in Post-1700 European History

Spring 2013

HIEU 1502 (1)

Introductory Seminar in Post-1700 European History

"History and Fiction"

Manuela Achilles

The relationship between history and fiction has always been marked by controversy. Can we ever give a true account of a past that eludes us? Is the writing of history a science or an art? Are storywriters or film makers better equipped than the historian to find "human truths" behind the mask of “facts”? While engaging a particularly thought-provoking national history (modern Germany), this course focuses more generally on the various forms of historical representation. Course materials range from scholarly articles to films and novels. All texts will be read in English translation.

This course is designed to introduce first and second-year students to reading and writing about history. Requirements include regular attendance, active participation in class discussions, one brief in-class presentation, and three five-page essays. There will be no mid-term or final examinations.

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