Introductory Seminar in Pre-1700 European History

Spring 2013

HIEU 1501 (2)

Introductory Seminar in Pre-1700 European History

"Amals to Ottonians: Early Medieval Europe (493-1002)"

Paul Kershaw

This course introduces students to the study of the early Middle Ages, the historical period that runs from the emergence of the earliest post-Roman kingdoms to the turn of the first millennium. The class begins in the age of Theoderic the Great (d. 526) and ends with the reign of Otto III (d. 1002). Political, cultural and social history of the period will be addressed. We will examine art and archaeology as well as written sources.

Students will read 180-230 pages per week, a mix of primary sources in translation and secondary analysis, submit questions for regular class discussion, and write three papers (two of 1500 words, the last of 3000 words)

Readings will include: Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy; Jordanes, History of the Goths;  Procopius, Gothic Wars; Liudprand of Cremona, Antapodosis; Thietmar of Merseburg, Chronicon.

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