New Course in United States History

Spring 2013

HIUS 7559 (2)

New Course in United States History

"Development of Colonial British America"

S. Max Edelson

This course examines the development of colonial societies in British North America and the West Indies in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.  It focuses on the material dynamics relating to expansion and growth with a special emphasis on environmental, economic, geographic, demographic, material culture, and social history perspectives.  Readings will focus on disease in the Caribbean, early plantation labor in the Chesapeake, the maritime economy of Bermuda, the organization of transatlantic commerce, the influence of early modern ideal about commerce and political economy, the historical geography of frontier settlement, the formation of Indian nations, the rise of settler societies, the English social and economic background to colonization, the environmental history of New England farming, architecture and material culture in Virginia, the history of cartography in Canada and the maritime northeast, economic culture in early Massachusetts, and the importance of land as a legal, environmental, and economic resource for European expansion across the globe.  Students in this colloquium will read and discuss at least one book every week and write a long historiographical essay on a topic of their choice.

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