Colloquium in East Asia

Spring 2014

HIEA 4511 (2)

Colloquium in East Asia

"Korean Christianity"

Ronald G. Dimberg

In this undergraduate colloquium we shall read and discuss essays and books that cover the introduction and early history of Christianity during the Choson period (1392-1910), and its growth and development through the period of Japanese colonization and into the post-liberation and post-partition period.  Students will read and discuss approximately ten books during the semester, including but not limited to Christ and Caesar in Modern Korea: A History of Christianity and Politics;  Challenged Identities: North American Missionaries in Korea, 1884-1934; Christianity in Korea; Syncretism: The Religious Context of Christian Beginnings in Korea; Protestantism and Politics in Korea; and excerpts from Religions of Korea in Practice.

In addition to participating in weekly discussions of assigned reading material students will write two critical review essays of 12-13 pages each.

The course grade will be based on participation in weekly discussions (50%) and the average of the two essay grades (50%).

HIEA 4511:  Korean Christianity fulfills the Department of History seminar/colloquium requirement and the second writing requirement.

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