Rosenfeld at VA Book

Rosenfeld Presents at VA Festival of the Book

Virginia Festival of the Book

Date: 03/19/2011 - 9:00am

Location: UVa Zehmer Hall, 104 Midmont Lane

Link to news item: Four Faculty Presenting at VA Festival of the Book
Link to publication page: Common Sense: A Political History
Link to faculty page: Sophia Rosenfeld

Tom Paine's Common Sense: For Teachers

A morning of talks, discussions, and resources for high school teachers (and others), led by UVA historian Sophia Rosenfeld, author of the just-published Common Sense: A Political History. Lunch, then afternoon pedagogy discussions. Registration is FREE through UVa Center for Liberal Arts but online registration is required.

Victor Luftig, Sophia Rosenfeld (moderator)

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